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The beauty is that, like the physical laws of nature, the divine principles that govern success and fulfillment in life are eternally valid. This book deals with seven of God`s most important laws and how we can enrich our lives by applying them. A scientifically validated metric to assign children to perfect books to promote progress in reading. In this book, Swami Mukundananda explains the 7 divine laws in an easy-to-understand way. With knowledge of the Vedic Scriptures and spiritual anecdotes that everyone can relate to, this book will allow you to become the best version of yourself. Why is personal growth and life transformation so difficult? Does creation want us to fail? Of course not! The goal behind the great design of the universe is to make us succeed. The obstacle comes from our lack of awareness of the laws of the universe. This book deals with seven of God`s most important laws and how we can enrich our lives by applying them. “Becoming an author helps me write my own books and share them with my family! I can use videos and images and research LightSail. It`s so cool! We must sharpen our minds and thoughts with divine wisdom, and this is the book that has access to anyone seeking spirituality, inner growth, self-awakening, etc.

Swamiji beautifully explains the 7 divine laws for living a healthy life. This book explains how spiritual transformation is at the heart of self-transformation!! Happy New Year!!!!! The beginning of 2021 brings new and exciting news. We are pleased to announce the release of Swamiji`s new book 7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self, published today by HarperCollins Publishers. In this book, Swamiji exposes the seven spiritual laws that allow us to reach our infinite potential. If you are unable to purchase the book in your country, please send an email to deskofswamiji@swamimukundananda.org. “My daughter is dyslexic and we have trouble reading anything. With powerful texts and word-for-word audiobooks, she can visually track words when she hears them reading aloud. This is totally a game changer! Just as physical phenomena are governed by laws, there are also spiritual principles that determine the path of life.

Knowing them helps us understand why success is so easy for some, but remains a struggle for others; Why some still put on their shoes while others finished the race. Needless to say, we all identify as bodies. In order to live comfortably, we learn the laws of our culture and society and adhere to them. For example, we learn to dress appropriately, speak respectfully, drive on the right side of the road, etc. If we do not follow them, we must face the consequences in one form or another. Swami Mukundananda`s previous 2 books, 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness, and Fulfilment and The Science of Mind Management are the best for self-help. The first book is a self-help book, while the second focuses on managing our thoughts. This book focuses more on developing our love for God. “Earning badges is the best! I`m working on a reading badge right now and I also want to see what my brother deserves! On the other hand, people with the “growth mindset” believe that with the right effort, there is unlimited room for improvement. Therefore, they never take well enough to be enough.

They are constantly trying to stretch towards ever greater success. Right now, our order is reversed. We focus on creating great works. But we neglect the basis for this, which is to become better people ourselves. Instead, if we could focus on growing from within, we would be more successful and would also be much happier. Life control and personal excellence can only be achieved through small, coherent steps of gradual improvement. At every moment, life presents us with choices. Every decision changes our lives a little up or down. As they accumulate, the difference becomes significant. Women`s History Month is an opportunity to honour remarkable women from all walks of life. Your students can observe the month by immersing themselves in the biographies of women you know perfectly.

Where to start? The 16 women below are sure to make an impression on the readers in your home. 1. Maya Angelou Poet Maya Angelou experienced […]. Many people are of the “fixed state of mind”. They believe that their abilities are determined by fate or circumstance and cannot be further developed. So they are not working to improve their skills. “If progress is decided by fate, why should we try?” When they think in this direction, they are stuck in mediocrity all their lives. In this way, they waste their immense human potential.

We look for happiness in the wrong place. If we look for something where it is not, our chances of finding it will always be zero. The way to achieve true happiness is to become a better person. Pure and simple. Sometimes we neglect the truth simply because it is so simple while seeking it in complexities. We must learn to choose the right kind of pain that leads to progress and well-being; Not the wrong kind of pain that leads to stagnation and illness. Learning to become more self-disciplined is one of life`s most rewarding endeavors. Swami Mukundananda is an international authority on thought management and a unique saint with excellent training.

He has graduated from two world-renowned institutes, IIT and IIM. His lectures are in high demand and cover various topics such as the conquest of the mind, good health through yoga, meditation and spirituality, and karm yog for everyday life. Are you ready to introduce Author a Book to your kids? With this feature, you`ll find countless ways to promote the development of children`s literacy skills. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started. Celebrate Write Your Own Story Day (March 14) by encouraging each of your children to think about and write down a story. Discover the […] The trajectory of our lives is determined by the beliefs we have in our intellect. Everything we firmly believe becomes our virtual reality, whether it is true or not. And the stronger the intensity of our faith, the greater its influence on our emotions. “ChildSafe content controls give me peace of mind. No other website allows parents to direct what their child sees and reads like LightSail! Unfortunately, throughout our lives, we prioritize a hundred tasks over the task of working on ourselves. Think. How much time do we spend in a year on self-improvement? We focus on.

Do. and in doing so, we neglect to be. be. be. The order of success is that “being” must precede “doing”. We have to be really good before we can really do something valuable. I want to know the knowledge of your videos and learn “He does everything! My full language arts program is here, which relieves me of the pressure to plan the details.

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