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I remember that birthday chaos of congratulations. I guess Warner/Chappell didn`t expect anyone to question their claim, as a counterclaim can very easily cost a lot of time and money. Lawyers close to me will not touch such a case for less than $30,000 in retention fees. And that`s just a withholding fee. Unless a litigant can find a lawyer who won`t bend him or a lawyer who is looking to brag – which, by the way, is not that uncommon. A lawyer friend of mine was such a lawyer until he had to retire for health reasons. Too bad. The man had fire in his veins. @Neiko-Real, legally speaking, does not participate in development. @sealsrock12`m just cautious, not in the case of MuseScore SWAT MPs all here hehe.

Which is understandable. Whenever I try to download a piece of music, it always forces me to upgrade my account to a pro account, I don`t know if there is a way to leave this screen to download it or I have to pay money to download it and then print it. I went to your example of and was asked to pay for MuseScore Pro to download/print it. In some regions, such as mainland China, the connection between GitHub and MuseScore servers is very slow. If you are in these regions, you can use a P2P downloader (such as Thunder) to speed up your download speed. Frankly, this decision may be legal, but it hurts those who can`t pay for a pro subscription. I also downloaded it with a free account. I was logged in to .org. “Due to licensing agreements with copyright holders, the ability to download scores for basic accounts will no longer be available” Thank you for your reply. Do you also know that if you find that the score you hear on the website sounds terrible, you can activate the synthesizer and choose another instrument? While this sometimes seems to be reserved for those with a pro account, I just checked this out on a second basic personal account and found that it works in most cases:) This means that there are many ways to enjoy the musescore site for all of us. Finally, I think those who absolutely want to have the partition on their computer for business purposes can message the author from the website and request a secret link. It`s both respectful and simple. It seems that the MuseScore team required a subscription of $60 per year to be able to download other people`s music for a free publication. I have a law degree, so I can tell you a little bit about that. The rights to the works of the authors of the work belong to the author of the work. This applies to both ranks and grades. Therefore, regardless of whether the content is user-generated or not, the rights to a piece of music always belong to the author of the work, not to the transcription of scores.

If musescore has agreements with copyright holders, using this script may raise legal issues for users. It`s illegal because you don`t have permission from the copyright holders or the label to publish it. You may have to pay royalties if you choose to do so, especially if there are no sheet music already released for the tracks you`re working on. You came on the wrong side for your complaints. is the home of scoring software, which is completely free and always will be. There is no partition download or subscription service. Sorry, I was talking about LibreScore, the musescore alternative that creates @Xmander. As far as I know, LibreScore does not host copyrighted songs and does not take anything from musescore dot com. Speaking of MuseScore, they disabled MIDI download in a single day for all non-public scores. For everyone.

Any score. They put them all behind a paywall. This could probably lead to a shady copyright issue that`s much bigger than a guy downloading a lunchtime. MuseScore could face some real costs if someone put in the effort. Never wait, I see you already know if you @Xmader you should only block authors with agreements on them. If they sell material without the permission of ALLEN and I SAID ALL authors of musescore`s scores, they can be sued. And finally. If these “public domain scores and original works can still be downloaded for free”, they can be free, BUT, they could ensure that they have obtained permission from all authors to whom said users have transcribed the score. AND even with the said PRO subscription, they allow DOWNLOADING MIDI FILES, which means that people can copy them.

Therefore, they are useless for transcribers and “copyright holders” SAID. Hello, Uncle Chefington Much less unacceptable than those who believe that all other people`s works should be available for free. It is this kind of unscrupulous appropriation mania that has endangered and the entire system of solidarity sharing. So please don`t complain about what you have caused by your reckless behavior towards the user community. But feel free to express your opinion in the right place: I don`t think so. This is because the musescore software itself is licensed under the GPL, allowing others to do almost anything with it. Although the musescore dot com website uses proprietary code, Xmander is perfectly allowed to make its alternative as long as they don`t use dot com musescore code. 14-day trial? Isn`t it 30 days? Andway: You can download the PDFs (but you may need a reader, such as Adove Acrobat Reader) or the MuseScore file, for the latter you must have MuseScore installed on your PC. You can get it from Please read the various explanations (above and elsewhere).

Copyright holders must be paid, it is the law. There`s no way to do this without charging for the download, it`s as simple as that. The choice was to charge users and pay copyright holders from the proceeds or be shut down for copyright infringement. Nothing to do with the program? For many, the goal of the program was the starting point you could get online. a direct link to the .com website when you try to download a score. In response to Medley by SomeRandomTaco So. The scores On – Original and Public Domain () are available for free download. Here is an example of: So.

On – Copyrighted music can be downloaded by purchasing a paid Pro subscription. More info.: So, if you are looking for a platform where you can download copyrighted scores for free; So yes, you have to look elsewhere. But note that such a platform is simply “a platform that has not yet been caught” because publishing/distributing copyrighted music without the consent of the copyright holder is illegal. How charge royalties is a question you can ask on this site, but I don`t really see any importance as long as the copyright holders get what they ask for so there are no more lawsuits. The way determines the status of copyright, as explained earlier, is a combination of automatic algorithms that make a guess, the uploader that confirms or corrects the assumption, and the community as a whole, which also provides feedback. For more details please go back to this page, it`s completely off topic =topic for this and in any case no one who has good answers will see your questions here. Someone makes a YouTube video about this Musescore must be held responsible for BS If the work is marked as in the public domain or if it is an original work and the uploader has allowed downloads, you can still download it with a free account. Just to be corrected, doesn`t legally require anything for community music.

It is charged to pay for the music played there that does not belong to the community. Personally, I don`t use this script, I just follow the development and the situation here. As far as I know, most of the threats on the MuseScore website are just threats that are very poorly designed to discourage people from using extensions. Based on my limited knowledge, the claim that content is owned by large companies and that they pay royalties for all original scores uploaded by small individuals is completely false. Also, many songs made by people are actually under licenses that shouldn`t allow MuseScore to monetize them at all.

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