Nbc Legal Internship Summer 2022

The judiciary prides itself on the fact that it considers the “candidate as a whole” when selecting for the job. Selection is made based on many elements of a candidate`s background, including a demonstrated commitment to government service, academic achievement, leadership, experience in law review or advocacy, legal and clinical experience, previous employment, and extracurricular activities related to the work of the department. If you are a law student who feels the need to develop talents, make a difference, and become empowered to launch a professional career, then this internship will definitely meet your specific needs. That`s exactly what the ministry`s Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP) has to offer. SLIP is the competitive recruitment program of the Paid Summer Internship Department. Law students who participate in SLIP benefit from exceptional legal experience and invaluable contacts with the Department of Justice. Articling students represent diverse backgrounds and interests and come from various law schools across the country. This internship takes place in Universal City, CA. The registration deadline is Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Eastern Time (10:59 p.m. Central Time; 9:59 p.m. Mountain Time; 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time). For 3 months, NBCUniversal legal interns gain knowledge about the general work culture, perform many tasks and responsibilities related to their project and develop their professionalism by observing professionals and working in office environments. Law students who have completed at least one full semester of law school by the application deadline are eligible. The most successful candidates complete a summer articling period between the second and third years of law school; However, law students who begin a full-time articling or graduate law program may complete an articling after graduation. Part-time law students can also apply. All applicants must review the admission rules. NBCUniversal is proud to announce a fantastic summer internship in Universal City, California. This is an ideal opportunity for those seeking a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited institution. Every year, various U.S.

components and lawyers hire students through SLIP. The Department of Justice hires approximately 50 SLIP interns each year. See the list of participating streams this year, as well as the estimated number of jobs available. NBCUniversal is a mass media company based in New York, New York. It was founded on August 2, 2004 by General Electric. It is particularly known for its development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience. The company is a subsidiary of Comcast and currently employs 62,000 people. The Department will update the candidate`s status online to post the selection for review of a job similar to the selection for an interview. The online status also indicates which component(s) selected the candidate in the “Selected by” column.

For space reasons, a code is used for each component. Not all components conduct interviews and those that usually interview by telephone. Components contact SLIP candidates independently to schedule interviews if desired. If you are selected for a job under the leaflet or if a component has contacted you for an interview, consult the component`s contact list and component-specific requirements. Questions regarding submissions or interviews should be directed to the appropriate contact person. Candidates can check their status online. The Office of Lawyer Recruitment and Management provides updates on the status of key decisions in the selection process. The community bulletin board, which is associated with the online application, is also useful for applicants who have questions or wish to view updated information. Ideal candidates must be eligible to work in the United States without visa sponsorship through NBCUniversal. Students who wish to participate in this program must meet the eligibility criteria stated: .

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