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You don`t have to change your name to your spouse`s name when you get married – you can use your married woman or maiden name without changing it in the register. You can change your name informally by asking family and friends to give you a different name. It is not illegal to use a different name without registering the change. You can legally use any name you want, as long as you don`t use a name to try to commit a crime like fraud. Once your name change is registered, you will receive a name change certificate and your name change can also be documented on your birth certificate. There is a fee to obtain a copy of your birth certificate or a replacement change of name certificate if you have misplaced the original. To go back to the name you had before you got married, you just go through the process the other way around. For example, if you changed your name to your husband`s name with a marriage certificate, simply use the same marriage certificate to use your maiden name again. Some organizations may request documents proving your divorce, but this is not a legal requirement and you can change your name without it. If you have legally changed your name through the name change process through the Birth, Death and Marriage Registry, you will have to go through the same name change process to change your name again if your name was changed on your birth certificate as a result of the initial change. Learn more about divorce name changes.

Changing your name without official registration can cause problems with official documents. Many places, such as banks and Centrelink, may require proof of your identity. You must provide an updated birth certificate with your new name, change of name certificate or citizenship certificate to the agency that handles the document or record you want to change. If you are in a situation where you need to go to court to request access to Level 2 or 3 treatment, it is possible to change your name on these applications and at the same time apply for an order requiring the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the QLD to implement this change of name order. Changing your name in Queensland is now done by filling out a form at the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Certificate surveys are no longer used. You can only change your name through the Queensland Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages if: You must complete an application to change or correct your name if: By reading this resource, we hope you will better understand what it means to legally change your name in Queensland. As an adult (over 18) born or adopted in Queensland, you are legally applying to change your name. Married women can use their maiden name (attested by a birth certificate) or their husband`s surname (attested by a marriage certificate) and do not need to go through any other legal procedure to change their name.

To change your name on your Australian passport, see:passports.gov.au/have-you-changed-your-name To change your name on your driver`s licence QLD:qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/update/details How to change your name on your Australian health card:humanservices.gov.au/…/how-update-your-personal-details Learn how to detect a name change if you were born or adopted in Queensland and yours in another state or have been changed by any other legal proceedings. You can legally use any name you want, as long as you don`t use a name to try to commit a crime like fraud. Some places, such as banks and Centrelink, may require proof of your identity. To officially change your name, you must contact the Queensland Birth, Death and Marriage Registry. You must document the name change or correction (for example, an original marriage certificate or a birth certificate from the relevant register of births, deaths and marriages). Getting married is exciting for so many reasons – one of them is that you can have a brand new last name if you want! It used to be the tradition for a bride to take her husband`s surname, but nowadays it is perfectly acceptable for both parties to change their surname to their spouse`s surname. If one or both partners want to change their name to a new double-barrelled (hyphen) name and combine their surnames, they can do so without changing their official name. See the bottom of this page for details on an official name change that would be required if the new name you want is an entirely new name, previously it was called Change Your Name by Certificate Investigation. State government website references on changing your name to a combination of surnames connected by a hyphen, see: New South Wales – You can combine your name and your partner`s name with a hyphen Victoria – Both partners can separate their last names. Note that the Queensland Government is lagging behind and does not specifically describe this case on its website, but it is allowed. Here are the steps to change your last name to the name of your married partner: You don`t have to go through the official name change process if you change your name due to marriage or divorce (or separation) and your name changes to your husband`s name or to your maiden name.

In fact, you can switch between your maiden name and your married woman`s name as you wish. However, it is recommended to keep your name consistent, especially on your identification documents. The only documentation you need is a copy of your registered marriage certificate, available from the Queensland Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Birth certificates are issued and regulated at the country and territory level. This means that the approach to changing the name on your birth certificate depends on the procedure used by that state or territory`s birth, death, and marriage registry (the government agency responsible for issuing and regulating birth certificates). The steps to request the name change in official documents differ depending on whether or not the document you want to change was issued from: It costs $183.60 to officially change your name. If you need to receive the registration and certificate in a hurry or send it by express mail, you will have to pay an additional cost of $48.20. You can read more about the different costs here. In exceptional cases, the court may allow a person under the age of 18 to change his or her name without the consent of his or her parents or guardians. You should seek legal advice. If you have a dispute about the name change, you should seek legal advice. If you separate, you can use your married or maiden name without changing your name on the registry, but keep in mind that many places like banks and Centrelink may want to see proof of your identity.

If you were born in another Australian state or territory, you must use that state`s or territory`s processes to change your name. Name change kits are often used to help users go through the name change process. Name change children describe the process you need to go through, provide you with the forms, and then help you with the most difficult name change – informing organizations of your new name and overcoming the bureaucracy that is often encountered. If you are at least 12 years old and your parents want to change your name, they will need your consent. If you disagree, get legal advice. This fact sheet answers some common questions transgender and gender-diverse youth and their families have about name changes. This guide explains what you need to do to change or correct a name in a title. To change your name in Queensland, you must: If your parents are separated, one parent cannot change a child`s name unless they have the consent of the other parent, obtained a court order or that parent has been given sole parental responsibility by a court or other law. Enter the applicant`s current full legal name (i.e. the person requesting the name change or correction).

You can apply by completing the Change of Name Application Form and attaching the required supporting documents (e.g.

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