What Were the 12 Roman Laws

One of the aspects highlighted in the twelve tables is the legal status and position of a woman in society. Women have been considered a form of guardianship similar to that of minors,[16] and the sections on property and possession give the impression that women are slaves who have been considered related to a piece of land or property due to the use of terms such as “possession” and “possession.” [16] This is the traditional view of events, although, perhaps more realistically, the composition of the paintings was an attempt by the elite to govern themselves better and prevent abuses within their own social group. In any case, the result was a list of written laws (legibus scribundis) presented on ten tables, and two more were added the following year to bring the total to twelve. Subsequently, laws became laws, i.e. they were adopted only after a decision of a legislative body and were no longer based on simple custom and tradition. In the latter part of the Roman Republic, before Rome became an empire, one of the reasons some rulers in Rome were so angry with Julius Caesar was that Caesar simply ignored the law. He didn`t try to buy his way, make his way, or free himself from trouble. He simply behaved as if the laws did not apply to him. Therefore, the rulers of Rome were shocked by his behavior and decided to assassinate him. They didn`t want their laws to lose their meaning. They certainly didn`t want a leader who believed himself to be above the law.

Rome was very proud of its laws and proud that the laws applied equally to all Roman citizens, whether they were the richest, poorest or most powerful of all the inhabitants of Rome. The law was the law. Other areas covered were procedural areas, such as the ius appeal, which was a private summons. If a plaintiff told the defendant that he wanted to take legal action against him, the defendant was obliged and could even be physically compelled to appear before a judge. Family law was also part of the Twelve Tablets with rules relating to marriage, guardianship, inheritance and funerals. Table II shows the amount of each party`s financial commitment according to the source of the dispute, what to do in case of interference with the judge and who must provide evidence. [14] 2. It is enough to fix the errors that were named with his language, while the errors that he expressly denied when asked about them. The seller suffers a contractual penalty of double damage. Although not a fully codified system, the Twelve Tablets were a first step in protecting the rights of all citizens and redressing injustices through precisely formulated written laws known to all. Therefore, the Roman approach to the right later became the model, which many later civilizations have followed until today.

The new Roman Republic wanted to ensure that every citizen knew the laws. So they carved the laws on metal shelves and placed them in the Forum in Rome for everyone to read. These laws were called the Twelve Tablets because there were twelve different sections. These laws dealt with criminality and property and family issues such as marriage and inheritance. Laws, like all laws, have been adapted over time. But the most important laws, whatever they were, were posted on the Forum throughout the period when Rome was a republic. The Twelve Tablets (also known as the Law of the Twelve Tablets) were a series of laws inscribed on 12 bronze tablets written in 451 and 450 BC. Created in ancient Rome. They marked the beginning of a new approach to the laws that were now passed and written by the government so that all citizens before them could be treated equally. Since only random quotations from the Twelve Tablets have survived, knowledge of their contents comes largely from references in later legal writings. Revered by the Romans as the main source of law, the Twelve Tablets were replaced by later changes in Roman law, but never formally abolished. The laws of the Twelve Tablets were the legislation that formed the basis of Roman law.

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