Pacific Legal Foundation Montgomery County

Erin Wilcox is an attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, where she advocates for upholding the Fourteenth Amendment`s guarantee of equal protection of the law. Born in Texas, she ventured east after high school to earn a bachelor`s degree in history and political science from Wake Forest University and a juris doctorate from Wake Forest University School of Law. After law school, she defended individual workers` rights at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, advised the DC Public Employee Relations Board on labor disputes, and returned to Lone Star State as a litigator at the Texas Public Policy Foundation before joining PLF. As the daughter of a public school teacher, Erin recognized early on the power of education to elevate people to their full potential. At the PLF, Erin fights for families — like those in Montgomery, Maryland, and Fairfax, Virginia counties — to have educational opportunities for their children free from racial discrimination. In addition to freedom, Erin`s preferences include college football, Texas BBQ, and a well-made Old Fashioned. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three Zoom-bombing cats. Erin also fights against unjust laws and ridiculous government actions in other areas, such as challenging the dress code at a Texas polling station or fighting a North Carolina ordinance that prevents homeowners from rebuilding their burned homes because the state doesn`t like where it`s located.

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