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Paradigm, formerly ASG LegalTech, offers a range of legal software solutions that enable lawyers to manage, automate, and grow their law firms. With four best-in-class solutions for lawyer management and payments – PracticePanther, Bill4Time, MerusCase and Headnote – managed under one roof, Paradigm supports lawyers across the practice spectrum, geography and business needs. At Paradigm, we are fast, ambitious, and united by a shared vision to create the world`s best legal technology products. “Paradigm stands for positive transformation. From the launch of Bill4Time as the industry`s first native SaaS solution in 2006 to the recent launch of PantherPayments, our software solutions have pushed the boundaries of the legal technology industry,” said Colin Li, Chief Growth Officer of Paradigm. “Our team is excited to continue this legacy and drive innovation to serve our customers. The new Paradigm brand helps us articulate this philosophy. We want our customers to see the Paradigm brand as a badge of honor. Since many of our clients come to us because they run their business on paper or Excel, our products have literally changed the way they manage their practices – for the better. Last month, technology specialist Francisco Partners invested in software companies such as SourceScrub, RugsUSA and Follett School Solutions.

In September, the buyout company sold its stake in payments company NMI in a deal that valued the company at more than $1.5 billion. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ASG LegalTech, a legal technology product line backed by Alpine Investors, today announces the launch of Paradigm, a new parent company representing a suite of four cutting-edge legal software for law firms of all shapes and sizes. The Paradigm suite includes PracticePanther, Bill4Time, MerusCase, and Headnote, each of the remaining standalone products and brands. The ASG LegalTech brand will disappear and be replaced by Paradigm. CB Insights technology market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points across venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and news mentions to help you identify tomorrow`s opportunities today. The deal is the latest bet on the legal technology business from Francisco Partners, which earlier this year launched online legal platform LegalZoom Inc. (LZ. (O) public. Francisco Partners remains a major shareholder of LegalZoom.

Sarah: I`ve worked in and around the legal industry all my life and I wanted to create something that would change the way the industry operates starting with one of the most important things a law firm needs to operate as a healthy business – getting paid easily and efficiently. Headnote was created based on the issues and challenges I faced as a lawyer and a desire to provide enhanced technology and user experience to law firms of all sizes. Sarah: Starting Headnote and seeing it become a reliable part of the day-to-day operations of so many law firms has been an incredible honor. Thank you to all our customers for their unwavering support and trust in the Headnote team and technology. Legal software solutions to help you manage, automate and grow your business. More than 40,000 lawyers use our products to change the paradigm of their legal practice. Paradigm offers a range of legal software solutions that enable lawyers to manage, automate, and grow their law firms. Oct 13 (Reuters) – Private equity firm Francisco Partners has agreed to invest in legal software platform Paradigm, which values the company at $400 million, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. New York-based Paradigm, formerly known as ASG LegalTech, offers law firms a wide range of technology tools, including PracticePanther, Bill4Time, MerusCase, and Headnote. Practice management software and integrated payment solutions are used by 11,000 law firms. The company has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic as remote work has increased the demand for software technologies and tools for law firms that handle more cases and cases virtually. “This is an exciting day for us at Paradigm.

When we acquired our first legal software company, Bill4Time, at the end of 2017, we could never have imagined that growth would develop in the following years. Since then, we have grown from a time-and-settlement point solution to a platform of four best-in-class solutions for legal practice management and payments. With the launch of Paradigm today, we have a brand that represents how we have worked over the past few years and how we will operate in the future – as a fast-paced, ambitious, and unified team committed to changing the paradigm of legal technology,” said Soumya Nettimi, CEO of Paradigm. ASG LegalTech, a line of legal technology products backed by Alpine Investors, announces the launch of Paradigm, a new parent brand. At Paradigm, we relentlessly strive to be the best technology partner for you – to help you automate, manage, and grow your law practice. Sarah: I still believe that the most important quality you can have as an entrepreneur is perseverance, which often manifests as resilience. No matter what you call it, keep going, but follow the data. Don`t be afraid to turn if it helps you go in the right direction. Most founders I know are smart and hardworking, but those who end up succeeding are the ones who figure out how to keep going despite their discouragement. Alpine Investors is a people-focused private equity firm dedicated to building sustainable businesses by working with, learning and developing exceptional people.

Alpine specialises in medium-sized companies in the software and services sector. PeopleFirst`s strategy includes a CEO in Residence program, where Alpine first works with CEOs and places them in companies as part of the transaction. This provides a clear solution for situations where additional or new management is desired after the transaction. For more information, see NFT market focused on professional traders Blur gets $11 million in startup cycle led by Paradigm On 28. In March, the Blur Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Market announced that it had raised $11 million in a Paradigm-led startup cycle. Blur says the startup is focused on building an institutional NFT marketplace that is “made for professional traders.” Blur Raises $11 Million to Manufacture Market Startup`s Institutional Products NFT Blur announced that the company has raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Paradigm. According to Blur, Egirl Capital, Keyboard Monkey, Ledgerstatus, 0xmaki, Santiago Santos, Zeneca, Deeze and Andy (Fractional) also participated in the tour. Blur explains that the market is designed for professional traders, and the startup believes that most offerings today focus on retailers. “Today`s NFT markets prioritize the retail experience, but they overlook the growing needs of professional traders,” Blur said in Monday`s announcement. “Infrastructure hasn`t kept pace as monthly transaction volume has reached billions, and Web2 business models are holding back the space with poorly targeted incentives.” The startup`s blog post adds: “Our mission is to solve these problems and move the NFT space towards institutional quality while increasing decentralization.

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